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( Every Monday - Friday 9am-6pm)
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It’s been over half a year and as a midyear surprise to all STEPS players we are bringing you another one of a kind update that will bring you to a wonderful dancing experience in the remaining year of 2012.
4k and 8k Lucky Star Mode

Just like our expansion Star Waltz. We are proud to announce a new mode that will surely take you to another leap of using your 4K and 8K keying skill! Utmost concentration is needed in order to win the game. Mimic the move and collect the stars as many as you can to win exciting prizes!

Wishing Pond

Everybody loves to make wishes, that’s why we are giving you a new mini game called “Wishing Pond” that will surely grant your wishes with a twist. Is your wish strong enough and worthy enough? Depending on what you did and what you wished for the magical wishing well will reward you with equivalent prizes.

Active Quest

Just when you’re about to think that you need a little extra push in your motivation in gaming! The active quest system will surely give you a purpose in dancing! Challenge yourself and dance as much as you can!

White Valentines’ Coupon

Any update will never be complete without something to roll. Presenting the white valentine even though the white valentine or simply called the white day is over in some Asian countries.  Presenting a magnificent mount and an enchanting fashion set that is perfect in this rainy season.

Floating Fish Mount

Springtime Set

Daytime Set (Alternate Costume Pack)

Item Mall Items (Fashion Clothes)

Baby Items

New Songs

To give way for this expansion update, we will be bringing down the server for its regular maintenance on August 22 2012 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM.
You will now be able to download the Manual Patch as well as the Full client installer here.
Please do not install the manual patch or the full client for now. You will only be able to install and use it after the maintenance on August 22 2012.

Download Manual Patch Version 182: HERE
Download the Star Waltz Full Client Installer : HERE