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STEPS Evolution: The Secret Garden

When god created the world, he dedicates and formed a plain where he keeps all the plants and flowers in the world.  To protect this natural treasure he assigned 2 of his most trusted angel who has the ability to morph themselves into plants and flowers. Thousands of years later, the garden mysteriously lost in the sand of time however the legacy and power of the angels remains in the form of Morph coupon.

The Morph coupon (Cold Shouder [Male]/ Light Feather [Female]) boast a nature inspired costumes. Magically harmonized with powerful special effects packed with sexyness, this set will surely become a head turner when you play.

Too sexy to function isn’t a problem anymore because of the Joy Garden set that comes as a second prize item from the coupon. I’m sure gothic Lolita fans will love this set so much.

Shop till you drop because a wide variety of fashion sets is coming your way. The good thing is some of the costumes are packed with special effects and animation!

Babies won’t be left behind with these medieval inspired fashion collections! Will you become the royalty, the clown and jesters or a pirate?

To give way for this expansion update, we will be bringing down the server for its regular maintenance on September 5 2012 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM.
You will now be able to download the Manual Patch as well as the Full client installer here.
Please do not install the manual patch or the full client for now. You will only be able to install and use it after the maintenance on September  5 2012.

Download Manual Patch Version 184: HERE
Download the Star Waltz Full Client Installer : HERE