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[Steps Update] Pop the magic Array!

Remember, remember the month of November because we are giving you an opportunity to own one of the most beautifully crafted back costume in existence inside the world of STEPS Evolution that is truly one of kind in its design packed with a sci-fi inspired nuclear blast energy balls that will definitely pop some array in you!

Rolling the XMAS Coupon
Introducing the XMAS Voucher, Just like the good ole fellow voucher in STEPS Evolution. There’s nothing so XMAS in this Voucher but you will surely feel like Xmas once you acquire the Pop Array Wings.

Wearing the Pop Array Wings gives you a powerful feel. Imagine some random energy spheres playing, diminishing and growing at your back. It’s like Son Goku releasing a Kamehameha capable of blasting your enemy alive in our case competitor in the dance floor.

The gods listens to music
Even the dancing gods blessed the magical XMAS Coupon with some fabulous costume to fit with the wings. This costume is inspired by the uniform of the dancing gods in their annual “Holy Ball”. This heavenly attire is made out of heavenly materials packed with special effects of celestial lights. However no one ever saw these gods nor attended the holy ball.

Early Xmas Shopping Spree
Up to 61 new items are added into the item mall from never before seen costumes with our without SFX, baby apparels and miscellaneous items that will give you an added push in developing your character,

Quests are Us
We added and activated new sets of seasonal quest for you to discover.

To give way for this November ender updates. We will be taking down the server for an update maintenance on the 30th of November 2012, Thursday 10:00 AM – 11:00AM.
You can download the Manual Patch Version 191 : Here
Download the Full Client Version 188 : Here