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Good day everyone,
Whether we throw a past away and forget about it, there will be times that it will haunt you back preventing you to move on. We’ll it has been a part of your life with these precious memories, experiences and the sentimental values that lingers inside your mind. The love month has ended and now we are heading towards the summer season as we bid goodbye to the most romantic season of the year. Maybe it’s time to reminisce some of our previous experiences in the heat of the moment.

Reminiscing the 33rd Romance Lottery Romance Coupon.
A lucky coupon that contains a full get up of a bona fide witch and warlock, by wearing these you will be given an access to use their magical brooms and fly away together with your love one across the hippie server!

The coupon will also give you a second prize costume called the “Riovic” costume that surely suits the taste of those who perform dark arts.

New Fashion Apparel

New Baby Costume

New coupon to roll, new items to brag and a wonderful experience to share! Lets start the month with a BANG!

To give way for this wonderful update, we will be bringing down the server for a scheduled maintenance on March 1 2013, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

We will be allowing you to download the manual patch in advance however please do not install it first while the maintenance is not finished.

Please download the Manual Patch Version 196-197 : HERE

Please download the Full Client Version : HERE