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If you would like to speak to one of our customer service representative.
Please dial +603-7954 0872
( Every Monday - Friday 9am-6pm)
Fax : +603-7954 0830

Chat and Friend System

There is a saying “Rely on parents when we’re home, rely on friends when we’re outside”, while another says “Within the four seas all men are brothers”. Hence, friends are important even in the virtual world. We make friends and extend our social network for companionship and have fun with no more loneliness.

★ Send Note to Friends

Players can leave a note to friends even when he/she is offline.
You can leave a message to your friends anytime with this simple and easy function!

You can add on some cute emoticons while you send a note to your friends!

★ Check chat log

You can read your previous conversation with your friends by checking the chat log.
You’ll never mess up the topic again and won’t forget what you’ve said to him/her with this chat log function.

Click “History” to check the previous chat log.

★ Send gift to friends

Players can choose gifts from the Item Mall and send it to their friends.
Bridge the cyber gap and show that you care for your friends!