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If you would like to speak to one of our customer service representative.
Please dial +603-7954 0872
( Every Monday - Friday 9am-6pm)
Fax : +603-7954 0830


Greetings Malaysia Steps Players,

Event Time:
28/06/2013  12pm (Thu) till 09/07/2013  12pm(Thu)

Event Content:
To reward ours Malaysia players and their support for《STEPS》, we have prepared a special “Reload Reward” event! Players who reload with the server during event time will stand a chance to receive different item as rewards! Who gonna be a Top3!? Stay turn~

During the event (28/06/2012  12PM GMT+8 - 09/07/2012  12PM GMT+8) all participating players stand a chance to win limited edition travel bag, i-pad leather cover and cool master limited robot model.



1st:  Travel Bag (limited edition)


2nd:I-pad leather cover


3rd:Coolermaster Robot (limited edition)




Event Rules :

  1. 1.The cubits must be transferred to R-coins. This top up event only applicable for Malaysia Steps Online members..
  2. 2.No maximum & minimum limit.Reloads will be counted after end of event,only the Top3 highest will get a prizes.
  3. 3.The top-up rewards will be delivered within 15 working days.
  4. 4.Winners will be announced on STEPS website, all winner must fill in the fully details & delivery address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .Players are responsibility for ensuring the registration details & delivery address are correct.
  5. 5.Cubinet Interactive will not be held responsible for any network interruption, or latency issues caused by a players ISP or Internet connectivity. The event will proceed as scheduled and neither extension nor compensation will be awarded.
  6. 6.Cubinet Interactive reserves all rights to change/cancel/amend the event content without any prior notice should there be any technical or unexpected problems that might occur during the event.