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( Every Monday - Friday 9am-6pm)
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It’s almost half a year passed since the beginning of 2013 and most likely it’s a good reason for you to throw away the “has-been’s” of the past 6 months and divulge yourself into something which is “IN” in the following six months! Presenting our July 2013 update the “Mid-Year Fashion Frenzy” where the glitz and the glamour, the most fabulous and elegant fashion costumes will be unveiled right in front of your very eyes!

Rolling has never been this awesome as you will experience an innovative way of rolling those pretty little coupons that contains the fantastic treasures in STEPS Evolution.




Introducing the V-Luckystar coupon:




1st prize

Dream Feather Wings with Little Plane Card

2nd prize

Summer Song Fashion and Daylight Suit

3rd Prize

Previous Mask (Rose etc)

4th Prize

Dazzling Speakers



Dream Feather



You will definitely experience a dream like scenario once you possess the wings made by the finest crystals in the celestial realm the Dream Feather. The newest wings that will definitely make you "roll". Available in 4 color.





Along with the dreamlike feather comes the Little Plane. Collect 3 of these and you will receive a transformable special accessory that allows you to ride a plane in a form of a cloud though.




The V-Lucky star coupon gives you a fashion box that contains 2 sets of costume per gender. The rarer one that you can get from the fashion box is the Daylight set that will totally give you a prestige status while wearing.




The common one will be the summer song costume. From the word itself summer this costume set is actually part of the “Seasonal Collection” that you can collect from the game soon (currently released is Spring and Summer). This costume gives you a light hearted feel yet a little bit “Avant Garde”.



Red Gem Accessories



The coupon will also give you a Red Gem that allows you to Synthesize (craft) different cure accessories that you will definitely love.





The luckyV –Pack will be on sale in the Item Mall. This special package contains  a lot of Painted Eggs Coupon Series (Zodiacs) and the previous lotteries that appears during the past few months/years.







New Fashion Items!




New Baby Items!




To give way to this wonderful update, we will be taking down the server for a regular maintenance on 7/24/2013, 10am - 12pm. During this period we will take the opportunity to apply this update for you to enjoy.

You can download the Manual Patch Version 204: [Click Here]
Download Steps Evolution Full Client Version:[Click Here]

Please do not use the manual patch and wait for the server to be fully updated before using it to avoid any further issues that may arise in your game client.

Are you In or Out with tour latest update the Mid-Year Fashion Frenzy?






Best Regards,

The Steps Team