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[Guide] Client Downloading and Patching







Simply go to http://steps.cubizone,.com and click the DOWNLOAD GAMECLIENT if you wish to download the game client


Or, you may want to request a FREE GAME DVD delivered right in front of your doorstep.  All you need to do is to supply your home address information in the form that you will see. (Available to SG, MY based players only)



Download all the necessary files (Parts) of the Full Client Installer Version 201.

Recommended Spec :
CPU : P4 2.4Ghz
Memory : 1Gb & Above
Display Card : Geforce8600 or Above
Harddisk Space : 7GB

Minimum Requirements :
CPU :Celeron 800Mhz
Memory : 512MB & Above
Display Card : Geforce2
harddisk Space : 5.7GB




Once you downloaded all the files put it inside a single folder.

Using any extracting software, Right click the Patch 201 Part 1 and choose extract here until the installer folder appears.


Click the INSTALL.exe application to begin the game installation.






Manual Patching:

Why do you need to Manual patch in the first place?

STEPS Evolution updates are big and it is much faster than AUTO Patching so we highly recommend to use Manual Patching than just waiting for your patcher to do the deed.

1.) Make sure you have the latest available STEPS Evolution Client (Version 201)

2.) Download the Following Manual Patches
•    Manual Patch 201-203
•    Manual Patch 203-204

3.) Please refer to Instruction number 1 and 2 before doing this step. After downloading the patch, open it and a patcher will appear and wait for it to finish patching and verifying the patch.

Open them one by one IN ORDER till you reach Manual Patch Version 204

once it hits version 204, Close it and finally open the STEPS launcher in your desktop to be able to play the game.

You can also do this.



Click the manual patch button and manually locate the manual patch that you downloaded.

Auto Patching:

What is patching?

It is a process of letting the patcher to automatically update itself up to the latest version.

1.) Open the game until you see the patcher. A window will appear, Choose Auto Update.


2.  Click all the checkbox, Choose the Server as “Live” and click Confirm.


3 Let the patcher update itself until it reached the latest version and the START BUTTON lightens up.