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Event1: The Hungry Ghost Fashionista


Event Type: FACEBOOK Event

Event Date: 10/08 - 19/08 (Submission); 22/08 - 26/08 (Vote)




1.    Customize your character as scary as it can be using the different apparel available in STEPS Evolution.
2.    Your character name must be shown in the screenshot
3.    Your screenshot can be a collage of your character wearing the same costume in different angles however we do not encourage to majorly alter your screenshot using any image editing software such as adobe Photoshop.



** Facebook Messaging in STEPS should be temporarily activated during the event




a. GM Choice Award:   Male and Female entry who managed to shock us with their spooky fashion side.

b. Most Creative: 1 winner
•    Creativity 25%   
•    Accuracy 25%
•    Theme 25%,
•    X-Factor 25%

c. Popularity Award: Most number of Facebook Like

Event Prizes: GP –Phoenix *1






Event 2: The Hunger Games [In Game]


Event Type: GM Event

Event Date: 08/08, 16/08, 23/08, 30/08

Event Time: 7pm (GMT+8)


P/S: Due to an unfortunate circumstances, 16/8 event will postponed to 22/08



Before the game start, the GM will create a room. The password of the room is an answer to a question. The question will be announced by the GM thru the game announcement.

1.    Dress up with your Hungry Ghost inspired costume and dance all night like a Hungry Ghost yearning for some brains!
2.    This will be an individual contest
3.    The game mode will be “Overture”
4.    The song will be decided by the GM in charge and the song and speed will be random but expect it that the craziest song will be used for this one.
5.    The best performer 1st place and the lowest placer in the ranking will be rewarded.
6.    Word of warning: The lowest placer’s MISS must be limited to 30 if the lowest places have a miss of 31 and above then we will only honour the 1st placer.



•    Wear the correct costume
•    Wait for the GM to invite you and make sure you are wearing the correct costume
•    You can only join Once during the entire competition. If you are invited. You cannot join again.

•    1st Placer *1 (Each Match)
•    Least Placer *1 (Each Match)

Event Prizes: Permanent Item Mall Fashion of Your Choice (worth 10,000 Coins)




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